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How to style your African Outfit

When styling an African outfit its important to consider the colors,texture and patterns in the outfit.This helps to determine what accessories and make-up goes with it.Most of my customers always ask me what I think interms of styling outfits they buy and  I always recommend to keep it simple but elegant ( let the beautiful bold prints do the talking) 😆

Most African (African Print) outfits can be worn with heels or sneakers depending on the style the outfit comes in.
You can also play around with wedges and sandals to see whats comfortable for easy movement.

Your shoe choice is also determined by the occassion or event you are going to sandals are best for the beach & heels for formal occassions to give you that elegant lift.

Lipstick Options.

Wearing lipstick gives your outfit an extra color pop but dont forget to take care of your lips through exfoliation and hydration. Top 3 lipstick colors for styling your African print outfit.
.Copper Brown: Copper brown looks highly appealing and sultry on dark women.

Red: Red is a universal favorite.
Rose Pink: Yes, vivid shades of rose are shades exclusive to your skin.


Hairstyles in Africa and especially the African American community are ever changing  (natural curls ,braids,bald/low haircut,wig and weaves)all this styles  are very popular.However this does not limit your choice of outfit you can style your hair to the style you feel goes well with your African outfit.

*Remember Our  African print fabrics are 100% cotton so it's very important to consider using mild soap and if possible handwash and dry in a shade this help in preserving the colors in your outfit.

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